Prototypes / Technological Sciences

A prototype of a dosage apparatus is being developed together with Delft University of Technology suitable for dry or wetted powders with particle size larger than 10 micron

A prototype will be patented into dosage air born dry particles without any contamination of the surrounding atmosphere

A prototype of a filter will be built together with partners to test differential filtration as patented and advocated in the book Towards a Sustainable Technological World.


Businesses / Educational Sciences Humanities and Natural Sciences

Fiction feeds non-fiction. A new business Ytale will promote media on the interface of fairy tales and non-fiction

A new business VisTaHoe is set up to trade art objects between people of the 6 different cultures as recognized in the book Towards a Sustainable Technological World.

Agriculture is a reginal affair, allowing cultural differences to flourisch. A new business FarmCult will be set up to boost farming diversity and income in different landscapes.