Looking for durable, sustainable solutions?

Idego goes back to the root question to solve unattained issues in order to strive for viable future states. 


Filtration solutions

Our advisors can assist you in finding custom durable and sustainable filtration solutions.

Sustainable product design

We deliver product solutions and prototypes designed with our 18 referent material characteristics taken in consideration.

Advise & development of

Sustainable Vision & Policy

Develop a vision or policy for your organization based upon 'The Sustainable World Theory'.

Frequently asked questions

Who developed The Sustainable World Theory?

Ing. H.H Kleizen developed this theory based upon extensive research during his dissertation for the TU Delft.

Is there an overlap between circulair economy and The Sustainable World?

Soon the will be a white paper published on this subject

Is The Sustainable World economically feasible?

Your answer will soon be displayed here. Stay tuned or get in contact.

“Idego helped reducing waistage in sewages for our municipality. Thanks to their expertise and advice we know have less blockages and contamination in our rainwatersystem.”

— Jan de Vries

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Idego advises through fundamental research and applied sciences on solutions for sustainability.

We aim to produce products which have a fully circulair yet durable lifespan for its function. We believe that making impopulair descions sometimes need to be made in order to achieve energy preservation and recycling.

Coming from a well founded frame of theory as described in the book '  ", we advice companies on product innovation in order to collaborate towards a truly sustainable world.